Dr. Amjad Aziz

Dr Amjad Aziz is a Director of Radio Dawn 107.6 FM. He has obtained a complete Alim degree from Darul Aloom Muhamaadia Ghosia and BA from Punjab University. He has worked as a research scholar in Zavia Publications and produced books on Sufism. He has got his post graduate studies from renowend Alazhar University and Arab league university Cairo Egypt where he has produced research work on Arabic literature and Sufism on great Islamic figure Jalal u din Rumi ' a poet of all time. His speciality is in Islamic sciences education literature Sufism philosophy history and dawah. Listen to his show - Soch every Tuesday from 2pm-1pm.

Mohammed Nasrullah Khalid

Mohammed Nasrullah has been a presenter with the radio since 2007. He have worked as an Assistant Professor with University of Gujrat. Currently he works as a Manager with Saylani Welfare Trust. He is also a TV presenter with Takbeer TV. Previously, he has worked as a TV presenter in Denmark. Tune in to his show - Salam Nottingham every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday from 8am-10am and Saturday's from 10am-12pm.

Naveed Qazi

Naveed has been presenting Salaam Nottingham since 2008. Alongside his passion for broadcasting, he is a full time accountant running his own practice locally in Hyson green, Nottingham. Tune in to his show every Tuesday from 8am-10am.

Sayab Kayani

Ever since 2003 I have been presenting Salaam Nottingham on Sundays. My weekly Magazine show is mainly in Urdu and consists of Quran Recitation, Translation, Asma ul Husna, Salawat, Naats, Manqbats, News, Weather, Prayer times and Historical Events in Islamic History. By profession I am a Senior ICT Infrastructure Engineer and I work full time in an Education Establishment. Presenting a show on the radio helps me to learn about various aspects of my belief, opens up my heart to understand Islam, creates a strong link with listeners and keeps me up to date with current affairs and community events. I have a circle of good friends through the radio. On the other hand I see radio presentation is my small contribution and service to the community. I am Inspired by Sufism, Spirituality and Natural Beauty. I like reading books on biography of spiritual leaders.

Dr. Musharraf Hussain Al-Azhari

After completing a degree in Biochemistry at Aston University, he went on to gain a Science doctorate. He worked as a Scientist till 1990 and then decided to dedicate himself to serving the Muslim community. He studies Islamic studies at Al-Azhar University, Cairo. He is the Chief Executive of Karimia Institute where he has been working on projects ranging from translation of Quran, raising educational achievements of children, adult classes and interfaith work. He is a key presenter for Radio Dawn where he gives lectures on various Islamic topics. He is also the Vice Chair of the Christian/Muslim Forum, a senior trustee of Muslim Hands, a trustee of national centre for Citizenship and Law. He was awarded an honorary doctorate by Staffordshire University in 2005, for his services to British Muslim Community. In 2009, he was awarded an OBE by the Queen for his services to community relations. More recently, the translator of the Majestic Qur'an.

Abdul Hakim Atilade

Abdul Hakim is from the Federal Republic of Nigeria and now a UK resident. He works as a private hire taxi driver. For the last two years He has been presenting Jamahliy Hour every Saturday between 4pm and 5:30pm. The show is designed to educate the Muslim community about the essence of Iife as guided by the Qur'an and Hadith as well as discussing challenges faced by the Nigerian Muslim community in Nottingham.

Musarrat Tariq

A qualified midwife who served the NHS in different capacities for 38 years (1976-2014). She started as an auxiliary nurse and retired as a multi faith support officer. She was instrumental in setting up the Multi-faith Centre at the Queens Medical Centre where the mosque has been named after her which shows her sheer commitment and dedication to community service. She pioneered awareness training sessions for the NHS staff. Musarrat is also a poet and the auther of the book - 'Khursheed -e-Musarrat.' Listen to her shows every Tuesday called 'Iqbal and Falsafaa Zindagi' from 3pm-4pm, Wednesday called ‘Achi baatain sachi baatain’ from 4-5pm and Sunday called 'Cooking Show' from 12pm-1pm.

Shahid Shabir

Along with being a radio presenter, Shahid is the Bobbersmill Community Centre Manager Youth Worker. Tune in to his show - Active Youth every Wednesday from 3pm-4pm talking about a variety of topics relevant to Islam, lifestyle and issues affecting the future generation of Muslim's in the United Kingdom.

Farzana Shan

Farzana holds a Masters in Leadership, She is a Training Design Team Leader at College of Policing. Her role is to oversee the design and development of National Police training, otherwise a social and political activist. she currently presents ‘Musings of the Pakistani British’ where she brings to the listeners a fusion of good and great of Pakistani British culture and heritage. Tune in to her show every Saturday 6pm-7pm.

Naeedah Malik

Naeedah describes herself as a 'real housewife' and mother. She is the co-presenter of the weekly radio show - Today's Choice which is every Tuesday from 6pm-7.30pm. She has been presenting with her husband for the last 13 years. Her life, love and passion is to learn and teach Islam, She has also been fortunate to give various talks for sisters in the community, volunteer with local projects and charities. She loves meeting people from all walks of life, Naeedah's other hobbies include shopping, reading and travel. She also has an appreciation of fashion and interior design and enjoy's spending time with family and friends.

Mufti Ismail

Mufti Muhammed Ismail

Mufti Muhammed Ismail is one our long standing presenters. He currently works for Muslim Hands and presents his show every Thursday 12pm-1pm.

Zahid Qureshi

Zahid presents the Friday morning Salam Nottingham Show from 8am-10am.

Farah Khan

Listen to the Trust building hour every Thursday from 10am-11am which promotes mutual trust, peace and reconciliation in British society through better understanding of each other and promoting friendship and harmony among British Muslims and the wider community. The show also looks at busting myths related to Islamophobia and Hate Crime in a wider context and to ultimately develop a working Trust Building model.

Yasar Tanveer

Yasar is a long stranding presenter of radio Dawn. Currently, he presents the Magazine Show every.....

Maulana Ajmal Shahbazi

Maulana Shahbazi is the former Imam of Masjid Al Shifa. He is now the Imam of Jameah Fatimia in Nottingham. In his show he provides advice and information on a range of different Islamic topics. You can listen to his show every Thursday from 8.30am-9am

Ulfat Mohammed

A teacher by profession, Ulfat has been a part of Radio Dawn for a many years. Currently Ulfat present the Young Muslim Talent Show every Saturday from 3pm-4pm.

Syed Muhammed Dawood Shah

Dawood Shah has been part of Radio Dawn for over a decade. Listen to his show every Thursday from 11am-12pm where he discuss a range of Islamic topics.

Zaby Tariq

Zaby has played an integral part in the development of the station. She has a psychology background. Her extensive track record of community radio equates to two decades when the station was formerly known as ‘Radio Ramadan’. She has built a huge fan base of loyal avid listeners over the years who have enjoyed her shows on a range of Islamic topics. Widely known for her distinctive ‘radio voice’ within the community, she is recognised for her voice. She hosts several religious gatherings throughout the year inviting members of the community and is known for her ‘dua’. She has traveled the world and loves visiting new places. Along with her presenting talents, she enjoys writing and possesses extensive knowledge of Islam and has dedicated her life to studying topics of the deen on a daily basis. To listen to her programme ‘Noor ul Huda’ where she spreads the message of Islam tune in every Thursday from 4pm-5pm.

Hafiz Muntazir

Hafiz Muntazir join us every Monday at 10.10am-10.30am, with the assembly from Fig Tree Primary School. The children of the school enlighten us with their recitations and the theme of the week.

Pir Syed Lakhte Hasnain Shah Sahib

Tune in to his show - Abre Karam every Sunday from 11am-12pm

Naser Hussain

Karimia's Hour fortnightly on Mondays from 12pm-1pm.

Nighat Javed

Nighat is year of experience in radio broadcasting. You can tune in to her show - English Urdu Bhol Chal every Monday at 4pm-5pm with her co-presenter Amreen Hussain.

Muhammed Iqbal Malik

Iqbal Malik joined Radio Faza, now Radio Dawn since February 2003 and presented a show called AP KE SATH SATH, Now presenting a programme called ROSHNI every Wednesday from 12-1 PM. Presenting a show on the Radio has helped Iqbal learn a lot about Islam and specially about the Qur'an.

He studied in Quetta (Balochestan University) in Pakistan and speaks six languages. Worked 13 years in Abu-Dhabi UAE and 13 years in Hong Kong. Now He is settled in Nottingham, UK since June 2002 amd works full-time with UPP (University Partnership Program) since October 2003, which provides Nottingham Trend University students accommodation and other most Universities students in UK.

Pam Martin

Pam has been presenting on Radio Dawn since 2017 for the Empathy Hour. A show highlighting compassion, understanding and the emotional challenges faced in society by all age groups.

Pam has a background in working in health and well-being, a mother and grandmother and has developed much understanding, mutual trust and support in presenting the Empathy Hour.

Coming to the community centre and the radio station has become a valuable experience for Pam!

Tune- In to the Empathy Hour every Wednesday from 5pm-6pm.

Dr. Hafiz Mohammed Munir Al-Azhari

No Information About This Presenter

Qari Shahid sattar Nizami

Qari shahid qualified as a Qari from Jamia Hajweri in Lahore, Pakistan. His teachers include the 'Pride of Pakistan' - Qari Rafi Uddin Saiyalvi and Qari Syed Sadaqut Hussain. He also has degrees in Journalism, Law and Doctor of Pharmacy.

Qari Shahid has worked as the Chief Editor for Subh-e-Safar, chief editor of Pharma-Mag and as poetry and article writer for the Daily Jang. He is currently working as an Advanced Clinical Practitioner for the NHS.

Join Qari Shahid for his show - Let's Learn Qirat every Friday from 4.15pm-5pm. An opportunity for all to learn the Qur'an with tajweed.

Imran - Police

Tune in to the Police Hour every Friday from 5pm-6pm.

Aaminah Taybah Hussain

Aaminah Taybah Hussain is a young artist of many talents. She is a vlogger, singer, actress, editor, photographer and radio presenter.

Aaminah spends most of her time in perfecting her music skills, this includes singing and playing the Piano. Her first singing performance was at the age of 5 with the Shaam group. In May 2018, she won the Young Muslim Star Awards competition at the age of 10. Not long after, Aaminah did a collaboration with Mikhaael Mala. She has since been interviewed on BBC Radio Nottingham, Islam channel English, Islam channel Urdu and GEO News.

Aaminah is a co-host on ‘The Young Muslim Talent Show' on Radio Dawn Nottingham. She assists, motivates and helps develop other youngsters on the programme.

Aaminah went on a UK tour with Penny Appeal and Brimero Entertainment in July 2019, performing the nasheedical ‘Eid With The Neighbours’. This gave her the platform to showcase not only her singing talent, but also her acting. She performed at many events alongside celebrities which include Iman Farrar, Amina Sultani, Umme Habiba, Faz Shah, Muad and Bustami. She then started her own show ‘Aaminah’s hour’. A short while later, she released three singles which are available on YouTube. Her talents and skills can be viewed on the YouTube channels Aaminah T.H. and AaminahTaybah which are regularly updated. Aaminah continues to inspire many through the performing arts industry.

Check out her work on Instagram @aaminahofficial.

Tune in to Aaminah's Hour fortnightly on Sunday from 2pm-3pm

Umme Haani

Umme-Hanee Iqbal started reading at the age of three reading at family gatherings. She is now studying Hifz.

At the age of 10, Umme- Hanee recites Qur'an at gatherings, studies hifz and is a radio presenter on Radio Dawn.

Umme-Hanee hopes to teach and inspire other children to become a hafiz or hafiza and to stay on the straight path InshaAllah.

Tune in to her show - Noor Ul Haadi every Sunday from 7pm.

Akmal Hussain

Akmal has been with Radio Dawn Since 2006. Akmal, studies to degree level in Mirpur, azad Kashmir and has been living in the UK since 1992. He has now established his own business.

Tune in to his Show ‘Sub Mumkan Hay.' every Wednesday from 6pm-7pm.

Omnia Osman

Omnia is from Egypt. she is an Editor and Journalist by profession and also an Arabic Language teacher.

Join Omnia every Tuesday for her show - Ahlan Arab from 12pm-1pm, a community show for the Arab community of Nottingham and beyond!

Sadat Khan

No Information About This Presenter

Tasib Y. Mughal

No Information About This Presenter

Naheed habib

No Information About This Presenter

Amarah Kayani

Amarah Kayani first discovered her talent, at the age of 6 singing at family gatherings. She developed her talent by attending vocal skills training and learnt to play the daff frame drum.

At age 13, Amarah is a performer, radio presenter on Radio Dawn, a finalist in a singing competition and has released her single in 2019.

Amarah hopes to inspire youngsters like herself to pursue their passion and be the best that they can be.

Tune in to her show Noor ul Haadi on sunday's from 7pm.