Advertising and sponsoring Radio Dawn 107.6 FM is a fantasic opportunity for you! You can advertise with us for as little as £4 a day, played 6 times a day and repeated 6 times during the night time braodcast! That’s just £120 per month for a 30 second advert (loyalty discounts available). It simple - select your package and contact us at and start your journey with Radio Dawn 107.6 FM!

Our Packages

Adhan Sponsorship

Our Adhan sponsorship is designed to give you the opportunity to take part in an act of sadaqah jariya for your loved ones whom have left this temporal world. Our standard sponsorship starts at £3 per Adhan and £15 per Adhan during Ramadhan.

Show Sponsorship

Encourage our voluntary presenters and sponsor a regular community show like Salam Nottingham during our prime time slots for as little as £50 per show. This will also include a special interview with the client - mainly to talk about your business or organisation. Individual sponsors can also sponsor shows both publically and anonomously.

Corporate and Charity Sponsorships

For corporate sponsors, take advantage of our extra special offers that will give you the satisfaction of spreading the message of your business or charity. Depending on how long you sponsor the station, we will give you the following status - Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.


For small to medium size businesses and charities, we have advertising options available to you. Our price list is competitve and give you the assurance that your advert will be played between 6 and 12 times a day.

Note: All sponsors and advertisers will have their logos placed on our website and social media. We also aim to invite you for a special show, where you can talk about your business or charity. We can also create your advert for as little as £50.