Radio Dawn has been broadcasting since 4th April 2006 and is predominantly run by a dedicated team of experienced volunteers who have been resolute in serving the community of Nottingham. Its mission statement is to ‘Touch Hearts & Minds’ which has been its vision for creating a positive and forward-thinking station for the betterment of the local community. We follow the principal of equal opportunities & diversity and therefore obey our legal duty not to discriminate against anyone regardless of their religion, race, colour, age, national origin, gender, physical or mental disability. We are an experienced team and have robust governance procedures. With such a positive vision and strong guidelines we have experienced a steady and significant growth in the number of listeners and our core volunteer base is now established.

We aim to educate Muslims and non-Muslims that Islam is a religion of peace and harmony. Some of the examples of our work include building bridges with the wider community to create strong and closely coordinated partnerships between the community, youth, families and governmental organisations. We have been promoting recent research that has evaluated a ‘Trust Building’ initiative which is a novel and proactive intervention that aims to improve and build trust between Muslims and the wider community to spread the knowledge of Islam and dispel myths surrounding it. It also suggests that trust had improved through engagement, understanding and through getting to know one another.

Other works that we have been engaged with include a Good Friday peace assembly and youth residential leadership training with the British Army. We are working closely with the British Army and as a result of this support we were invited to BBC to talk about our experience. We frequently interview representatives from the Police about hate crime and various neighbourhood initiatives. We have also reported on our ‘Faith in Action’ group where we hold a dialogue event with a group of Muslims and Christians. By carrying out this work we are at the forefront of providing a good example of best practice to other Islamic groups and Muslim-led radio stations.

Radio Dawn is committed to spreading the message of peace and to build trust with Muslims and the wider community. Twice yearly we hold an open day ‘public meeting’ to engage the local community, seek feedback on our performance and to discuss future plans. The station values its staff and volunteers and offer extensive training (particularly to presenters) which allows them to be responsible and effective in their role. The station currently manages approximately 50 volunteer presenters who speak different languages ranging from English, Arabic, Urdu, Punjabi, Mirpuri and Pushto. Through our range of programs we aim to educate and entertain listeners of all ages from all backgrounds. If you would like to join the Radio Dawn family as a presenter, volunteer or a technician please get in touch with us.